Is Phase 2 Right For You?

Our success is a result of the creativity, innovation, and passion of our team. Crafting custom software is a lifestyle at Phase 2 and our culture is built around the happiness of our most precious asset: our team.

Qualities We Look For

Does your creativity and innovation need the freedom of expression? Phase 2 could be the opportunity you need to take your talent to the next level. At Phase 2, we seek the most talented people in the business who thrive on the freedom to express their ideas, knowledge, and abilities. We are very intentional about the characteristics we seek in team members. Check out the qualities listed below to see if you might be a good fit.

Hiring Quality Professionalism

What we do for a living is important to us. We're constantly trying to find ways to improve; to make the user's experience a little smoother, to understand why a document database makes sense on this project and not on that one, etc. We love getting better. That means we research, read, and care about what's happening in the software world. We expect the same from you.

Hiring Quality Passion

This is a cool job. We get to make something from almost, literally, nothing. Everyday we use imagination and problem solving to make stuff that our society finds highly valuable, that improves people's lives, that changes our ability to know, think and work. That's freaking incredible. We love what we do, we want you to feel the same way.

Hiring Quality Craftsmanship

This word implies a deep level of care put into every aspect of the software we create, as well as the constant pursuit to master our craft. We make sure that we are not only producing quality software, but that it’s attractive and easy for our clients. We take great pride in the software we produce here and are sure that if Phase 2’s name is attached, the product is of the best quality.

Hiring Quality Respectfulness

We value respect in all aspects of our business from how we treat our clients, to how we treat our co-workers. Even in the most heated debates with our clients, we respect them and make sure they understand we only fight to help them improve. Each member has strengths and weaknesses. As a team, we grow each day by enhancing our skills to compliment one another.

Hiring Quality Fun

While we're serious about our work, we love having a good time. We have an official fungineer, and schedule regular outings because we like to enjoy life. We also love giving each other a hard time. Everyone gets a nickname and no one is spared getting hazed. We're looking for folks that can be part of our fun and don't mind giving as much as they get.

Hiring Quality Chemistry

Our work environment involves deep collaboration that brings each individual's skill set to the table to create the best possible product for our clients. The chemistry between team members is a key factor in cultivating new and exciting architecture using the latest technology. We are very specific about the personalities we bring on because it can greatly affect the success of our team.

The Environment We Offer

We pride ourselves on having one of the most progressive work environments in the state. Our office is designed around the needs of our team members and we make sure that it is always conducive to getting work done quickly and efficiently, leaving time for fun and decompressing when needed. Our environment is tailored to each individual and promotes a collaborative and creative effort.

Phase 2 Team Environment

No one has to solve a problem on their own. At our shop we're all helped or hurt by how well each of us solves a problem, plus we like each other. We all learn from each other constantly and all of us improve at our profession as a result. Collaboration is a key to our success.

Phase 2 Fun Working Environment

We work hard and play hard at Phase 2. The atmosphere in our office is intentional and we understand the value in taking a break and having some fun. Each team member is more productive and efficient when they have the ability to take a step back when needed.

Phase 2 Challenging Working Environment

What we do is not easy. Being passionate about the quality of our work causes us to push ourselves to improve our craft. We like seeking out challenging projects, they make our work fun. This makes an environment full of really compelling, interesting work, where we thrive.

Phase 2 Open Working Environment

From how we structure our offices to how we approach new ideas; part of our mutual respect for each other means we take everyone's ideas and input seriously. New processes and ways of working come from everyone and we keep any barriers out of the way.

The Work We Do

Our work is the most important aspect of our culture. Everything at Phase 2 is designed around developing the best software for our clients. We take a different approach by putting the end user first and making sure our implementation processes are thorough and complete. Our purpose is to create software that assists real people in getting their jobs done more quickly and efficiently.

Phase 2 Oklahoma Clients
Our Clients

One of the unseen challenges of our business is choosing the right clients. We work hard to bring in compelling work from great clients. This means saying no to work other companies would readily accept. Our clients like us, respect our approach, and our opinion. We care deeply about their success and work diligently to improve their organizations.

Phase 2 Variety of Projects
The Projects

Our projects range in scope, they tend to have a similar structure; a business looking to increase efficiency, a human need for better information, the inability to find an existing solution, and a budget and timeframe that will allow us to develop a solution correctly. These are projects we find compelling and we get to work with technology we enjoy.

Software Devlopment Process
The Process

Our first step is information architecture that is designed around the needs of the actual people using the software. This turns into software architecture to facilitate the information goals. We collaborate on screen comps build outs followed by technology R&D, prototyping, and framework development in preparation for building out interfaces.

Phase 2 Technology Stacks
The Technology Stacks

Our technology stack approach is simple but not easy; the right tool for the job. We use: Ruby and Ruby on Rails; Microsoft .Net and .Net MVC; Objective C and iOS; Java and Android; Various data stores (MS SQL, My SQL, Postgres, CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis etc.) sometimes multiple on one project, depending on the need.

Join Our Team

We're not currently hiring, but keep on the lookout to join a team comprised of smart, talented, passionate people who build awesome software with tools they love.