Pioneer Is Living Up To Its Name
Jun 22, 2016
Phase 2 and PLS Recieving Award

We are experiencing great success with our friends at Pioneer Library System (PLS). We have been working together to create an extremely user friendly and functional solution for a country-wide dilemma.

The dilemma is that libraries across the nation, but even more specifically in Oklahoma, are unable to offer remote services to those in need through one central application. Our solution is crafting a user‐friendly application that grants instant access to all of the currently available, instantly downloadable, and free resources – all with one single login. It is the PLS Connect application, but we like to refer to it as the app that rules them all.

This solution is possible through the integration of multiple API’s and well written code to make the process of accessing data from outward sources fast and accessible without additional login screens. This solution required our team of skilled developers and engineering mindsets to create the seamless integration and intuitiveness of the Pioneer Library System’s Connect application. This is where working hand-in-hand with Phase 2 made it possible to execute the application development process and ultimately transform the old school way of operating to an innovative approach through technology. This is what we love to do; WE CRAFT BEAUTIFULLY USABLE SOFTWARE THAT BUILDS BETTER BUSINESS.

The definition of pioneer is "a person/[company] who helps create or develop new ideas, methods, etc.” From the looks of this, Pioneer Library System is living up to its name.